FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Homewrecker Tickle Beatdown! Pt. 5 Cardio Cooche-Coo!

Personal trainer, Angelina Elise, has been getting very personal with Reagan Lush’s husband! However, Reagan has finally caught her, lounging in her house! Reagan starts a fight, but compared to Angelina, she’s hopelessly outmatched. She clumsily swings and misses the buff, nimble homewrecker!

Angelina laughs and quickly puts Reagan into a head scissor. The feisty, little blonde struggles to escape, but Angelina’s legs of steel are locked in! However, Reagan removes one of the fitness trainer’s shoes and discovers that her bare sole is not like steel at all! A few strokes of Reagan’s fingernails on Angelina’s naked sole has the tough, fit homewrecker howling with helpless laughter and too weak to maintain her hold!

Reagan presses her advantage, tickling Angelina’s wildly writhing foot! Angelina shrieks and begs for mercy! Just when it looks like Angelina is done for, she manages to turn the tables. She throws Reagan to the floor, takes off her shoes and tickles her incredible sensitive, nylon-clad feet! After a while of giving Reagan a dose of her own medicine, Angelina decides to strap the ticklish blonde into one of her husband’s bondage devices!

Angelina mercilessly tickles Reagan’s bound, nylon feet with her talon-like fingernails! Reagan yowls and cackles, uncontrollably, begging for mercy! Things get even worse, when Angelina tears off Reagan’s pantyhose and goes after her bare feet with oil and brushes! Looks like Angelina has conquered Reagan, in her own home … or has she? Find out now!

Duration: 20:44.109
Size: 791,375 Mb

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