FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Lara Croft vs Ruby Roundhouse! Pt 2 Laughing Lady Croft!

LARA CROFT/JUMANJI PARODY: Last episode, Ruby tricked Lara with a booby trapped boot! Now, instead of getting a scroll, showing the way out of the chamber of the trickster god, Lara finds herself tied up on an altar, and Ruby wants revenge! She also thinks that Lara has the scroll, showing the way out. But, she’ll settle for revenge.

And revenge comes in the form of a merciless foot-tickling. Lara howls and cackles as Ruby’s wicked fingernails dance up and down the wildly-wriggling soles and toes of her big, size 9.5 feet! Ruby enjoys every minute of Lara’s hilarious predicament, as she boasts about outsmarting the great Lara Croft! And it isn’t long before Lara does in fact reveal that she has a scroll similar to Ruby’s! But, it’s not a map showing the way out!

Just then, Plumenatti agent Alexa enters, getting the drop on both of them! She intends to steal both of their scrolls and take everything the chamber has to offer! Is this the end for Lara and Ruby? Has the competition between them proven to be their downfall? Find out now!

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