FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Laughing Lady Crooks! Year One Valentine’s Special!

WELCOME 1st TIME TICKLEE, SILVIA SAIGE! It’s Valentine’s Day and Detective Joe Jutsu and his girlfriend, Dacey Harlot are about to go out for a celebratory breakfast and spend the day together. However, sultry Silvia Saige bursts in, with a sob story about her missing husband. Joe decides to hear her out, much to Dacey’s dismay, before they leave.

However, while Silvia works her charms to enlist his aid, she’s planting evidence in his office, to frame him for a crime! Impatient Dacey comes back in, to speed Joe along and catches Silvia just in time! Now, Silvia has some explaining to do … in the stocks!

Joe wants to know why Silvia is trying to set him up and when she refuses to talk, Joe removes her shoes and makes her laugh … by way of her tender, ticklish feet! Long toes clench and squirm as the sexy brunette cackles and howls with laughter! She tries to make light of her situation, but skittering fingernails on her soles and fluttering feathers between her toes are just too much for her to take! Meanwhile Dacey is threatening a more permanent solution to Silvia’s untimely interference, which means she’s in double trouble!

Will Silvia crack? Why is she trying to frame Joe? The answers are just a laugh away, in this sexy, silly Valentine’s special! Don’t miss it!

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