FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 158 Coochie-Coochie Cat Claws!

Catwoman (Ms. Nyxon) has her eye on some priceless, Egyptian treasures, at Gotham Museum.  Just when she circumvents the exhibit's security, she discovers that the gold and jeweled goodies are also guarded by Neh'Rhys (Honey), priestess of the goddess Bast!  Catwoman underestimates Neh-Rhys's skill and magic and nearly suffers a humiliating defeat!  However, she manages to subdue sexy, ebony priestess and mummy-wraps her from chest to ankles!

The staff Neh'Rhys carries prevents the exhibit items from being removed by anyone not serving Bast, so Catwoman needs to know how to disable it.  The catsuited klepto also wants Neh'Rhys's golden sandals, but they're too big for her.  Agitated by Neh'Rhys's refusal to give her the info she wants, combined with missing out on a hot pair of sandals, Catwoman tickles the priestess's long, narrow, size 9 feet, with her wicked cat-clawed gloves!

The helpless priestess goes berserk!  None of her training in the Temple of Bast prepared her for this!  Her soft, pampered soles scrunch and flex as her long toes wriggle and squirm, in a frenetic, tickled fit!  Neh-Rhys shrieks with laughter, begging for mercy, while trying not to betray her goddess!  The crown of her temple rank tangles in her hair as she thrashes about, in tickled duress!  Catwoman mocks her and her goddess as presses her ticklish attack on Neh'Rhys's tickle-tenderized tootsies!

Just as Neh'Rhys reaches the end of her sanity, Batgirl comes to the rescue!  Is Neh'Rhys finally saved?  Will Batgirl be able to stop Gotham's crazed kleptomaniac?  Find out now, in this DC Comics tickle parody!

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Download – Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 158 Coochie-Coochie Cat Claws!

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