FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 187 Rogue Can’t Take It!

MARVEL COMICS PARODY! CUSTOM ORDER: Rogue, of the X-Men has been dispatched to find Elektra. However, she only finds a trap and ends up being captured and held by a set of restraints that neutralize her powers! Her captor removes her boots, revealing her socked feet. When Rogue demands to know where Elektra is, her captor demands that she give up on finding her. Rogue refuses and the tickling begins!

Rogue cackles, snickers and sputters, as she thrashes about, in a foot-tickled fit! Even through her socks, it’s more than she can handle! Her captor informs her that her restraints not only cancel out her powers, but also make her more ticklish! The more she’s tickled, the more ticklish she will become!

Soon, Rogue’s socks are removed to reveal her nylon-clad feet! Fingernails and other tickle tools, like the claw massager push Rogue past her limits! At one point, she starts randomly shouting out safe words! (Director’s note: Yes, Sunshine had to safe word out, for real, so we left it in the final cut.) And even later, Rogue’s captor tears off the nylons and torments her bare soles with a feather! Will Rogue abandon her search for Elektra or can she tough it out? Find out now!

Duration: 19:54.893
Size: 756,991 Mb

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