FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Mikayla’s Tickle Rehabilitation!

MIKAYLA MILES IS BACK! After a history of breaking rules (and staff) at other facilities, problem patient, Mikayla, has been transferred to Shady Pines Mental Asylum. The warden at the asylum lectures her, assuring her that her insubordination and penchant for beating up orderlies, doctors and nurses won’t be tolerated here. Mikayla scoffs at the warden, cusses him out and puts her big, size 16 feet up on the table. This gives the warden an idea.

Soon, Mikayla is howling, cackling and begging for mercy. She’s been put in a straitjacket and bound to some kind of contraption as the warden relentlessly tickles her wildly squirming bare feet! Mikayla swears that she’s learned her lesson, but the warden wants to break her rebellious spirit, for the sake of his personnel! Mikayla’s long, nimble toes frantically wriggle and writhe as if each of them is trying to escape in different directions! Fingernails, feathers and soft brushes zero in on the very center of her soles (her worst spot), driving her insane, while the steel claw, electric toothbrush and claw massager attack the tender area beneath her cartoonishly-fidgeting toes!

Mikayla tries to convince the warden, but despite her agonizingly ticklish ordeal, she can’t bring herself to be sincere … or at least sound like it! It’s a battle of wills as the sexy Amazon thrashes away in toe-tal hysterics! Will she be able to outlast the sanity-shattering foot-tickling or will the warden have his way? Find out now, in this hilarious, customer-written tickle fantasy brought to life!

Length: 15:34.867
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mikayla’s Tickle Rehabilitation!

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