FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Mission Hysterical! Pt 38 Foot-Tickling Fury!

MARVEL COMICS PARODY: Sinister Hydra agent, Jenni Foxx steals a case of secret documents from Nick Fury, but little does she know, it’s a setup! The case has a tracking device hidden inside, and now Fury can easily find her and Hydra’s research facility.

Shortly after her escape, Agent Foxx is being injected with two super serums, by the evil Dr. Morgana. One serum is for invulnerability, the other for super strength. Just after being administered the first serum, Nick Fury sneaks in! He K.Os Dr. Morgana with one of Agent Foxx’s stinky shoes, and the mad scientist slumps over on top of Foxx’s legs, pinning her to the exam table! Unfortunately, without the super strength serum, Agent Foxx is stuck, missing a shoe and now very nervous! Too late, she realizes that her escape was a setup!

Her angst increases, when Fury announces that he’d like to discuss the rumors he’s heard about Hydra’s new allies! He even removes her other shoe and places both, in front of her, just out of reach … then begins tickling her giant, size 12 feet! Foxx goes berserk, begging him not to tickle her, which only serves to egg him on!

Agent Foxx howls, hoots, shrieks, guffaws and cackles, in a panicked, outraged, laughing fit! Of all the ways for her to be undone, Fury had to pick this one! Her long, narrow soles scrunch and flex! Her long toes wriggle and writhe as she flails about! Fingernails, a feather, soft brush, oil and hairbrush keep her on her toes as she cusses up a storm, amidst gales of laughter! Try as she might, she can’t arouse the K.Od Dr. Morgana to help her escape her ticklish predicament!

If Agent Foxx doesn’t get her bare feet on the ground, in 15 minutes, the invulnerability serum will burn out! Not that being invulnerable is saving her from the foot-tickling ordeal, currently tormenting her. Will Nick Fury be able to tickle the info out of her and prevent her from having superpowers or can she withstand his (wait for it …) foot-tickling fury? Bad pun, we know, but find out anyway, in this hilarious Marvel Comics parody!

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