FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Sales and Soles! Pt 1 Hogtied Honey!

Corporate sales associate, Summer, failed to make her quota for the month and she suspects that Honey snitched on her to the boss! Now, Honey finds herself hogtied on a massage table, being questioned about it! Honey pretends she doesn’t know what’s happening, but it all becomes clear when Summer removes Honey’s shoes and begins tickling her big, size 9 feet!

Honey howls and cackles with laughter and merciless fingernails, a feather and the claw massager dance over her squirming soles and long, wildly wriggling toes! She knows she’s busted, but now all she wants is for this foot-tickling nightmare to end! Unfortunately, Summer is having the time of her life, making Honey pay for ratting her out! And not only does she torment Honey’s feet, but she digs her nails into Honey’s ticklish ribs as well!

But, little do either of them know, there’s another snitch in the office pool … Goddess Fina! In the middle of Honey’s tickle ordeal, Fina drags the boss into the room, knowing what they find! Soon, all three ladies find themselves in hot water with the boss. Their competitiveness has gone too far and is disrupting business and he’s had enough!

Soon, Honey, Fina and Summer are strapped and tied into some crazy contraption that their company is test marketing! Looks like ticklish times ahead for all three of them! To be continued!

Length: 14:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sales and Soles! Pt 1 Hogtied Honey!

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