FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Superheroine Tickle Takedown Chun Li’s Triad Toe-Tickle!

STREET FIGHTER PARODY! Starring Nicole Oring and new model, Remy!

Chun Li has intercepted a package from a Triad arms dealer to M. Bison. She assumes that she’s foiled whatever plans he had, til the Triad boss, Remy, shows up looking for a fight! Chun Li easily dispatches Remy, only to find that she’s walked into a trap. Remy holds the secret weapon that Chun Li thought was in the package she intercepted! Worse yet, the sexy Triad boss uses it to subdue Chun Li!

Soon, Chun Li finds herself strapped into restraints, with her boots removed! Remy calls M. Bison and tells him she has a surprise for him, then sits the phone near Chun Li … right before she begins tickling Chun Li’s nylon-clad feet! Despite all her strength and prowess, Chun Li’s feet are just way too skittish to handle any amount of tickling! She thrashes wildly in fits of shameless cackling, howling, sputtering and snorting as her pantyhosed toes wriggle and writhe furiously!

Fingernails, a feather and a calligraphy brush keep the sexy, seasoned fighter in toe-tal hysterics as Remy mocks the sheer irony of her helplessness, thanks to the feet that usually ensure her victory! Chun Li begs and pleads, sometimes in completely unintelligible, laugh-addled speech and even offers up information regarding her knowledge of Bison’s whereabouts and plans, hoping to score a break for her hilariously ticklish feet!

But Remy is having way too much fun at Chun Li’s expense and doesn’t want to stop! After what seems like forever for Chun Li, she faints! Remy is suddenly worried that much worse has happened and that she may have robbed Bison of his intended prize! Has our kung fu heroine met a ticklish demise? Find out now!

Length: 17:24.243
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Superheroine Tickle Takedown Chun Li’s Triad Toe-Tickle!

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