FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – The Blonde! Pt. 1 Tickle Slave Revolt!

FRANCO SAUDELLI TRIBUTE/PARODY! CUSTOM ORDER: Sexy thief and swindler, The Blonde (played by Courtney Cummings) has captured Slyy and intends to use her to tickle torture Keri Spectrum! Slyy has no choice but comply, lest the foot fiending, leather-clad cat burglar tie her up as well!

Keri tries to get Slyy to free her, but it’s no use! Slyy’s nimble fingers go to work on Keri’s big, ticklish, size 10 bare feet and Keri goes berserk! The Blonde enjoys every minute of it, reveling in Keri’s tickle agony! In fact, the sly thief is so into it that she can’t help but join in, adding to Keri’s ticklish misery! It gets to the point that she even muscles Slyy out of the way, to do it herself!

The Blonde is so occupied with tormenting the cackling, shrieking Keri that she lets Slyy get behind her! Oops. Slyy K.Os the foot-loving thief and soon it’s Keri and Slyy double team tickling their former captor! The Blonde giggles, guffaws and cackles as her bound, bare feet wriggle and writhe under the vengeful tickle assault of her former captives! Looks like The Blonde’s own fetish got her in trouble, this time!

Duration: 14:44.316
Size: 556,867 Mb

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