FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – The Maltese Falcon Feather! Pt. 15 Laugh-Addled Assassin!

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Sexy, British gangster, Angelina Elise, has been sent to eliminate Detective Joe Jutsu! He manages to best her with some of the gadgets given to him by the Ticklante, but he realizes he's never met such a skilled marksman before. He ties her up to ascertain the real story on her.

Angelina is cool and calm under pressure, even insisting that the detective make a deal with her, for his own good! Joe removes one of her shoes and tickles her bare foot with a feather! Angelina tries to maintain a bit of dignity, but she quickly breaks into helpless laughter! By the time the detective begins using the quill end of the feather, the exotic-looking hit lady in cackling, shrieking hysterics … and then he uses his fingernails!

The once well-composed lady crook howls and guffaws, in an undignified fit as fingernails, oil, brushes and the dreaded steel claw explore her hyperticklish soles and nimble, wiggly toes! Bit by bit, the story behind her impressive marksmanship is revealed as she cackles, wails and begs for mercy! Not only is Angelina an elite assassin, but she has info about the mysterious situation with Det. Jutsu's twin brother … the Ticklante! Don't miss this one!

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