FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 1 Jungle Jane vs Wanda the Warden!

NEW SERIES! Alexa J. Toes, Leila Larocco, Macy Cartel and Dacey Harlot star! Live from Tampa, FL, the first episode of Tickle Wrestling Entertainment airs! In this first match, Jungle Jane takes on Wanda the Warden! But, somehow the referee is missing! Meanwhile, backstage, we discover that referee, Dacey Harlot, has been gagged, tied up and is being foot-tickle tortured by one of the other wrestlers, Bully Barbie!

Barbie seems to be working with Jane, in an effort to stack the odds in her favor! Dacey cackles and shrieks through her ballgag, begging to be released, so she can officiate the match. Back in the ring, Jane and Wanda fight it out with punches, kicks, foot smothers, stinky shoes in the face and of course … tickling!

Neither combatant is known for fighting fair and without a ref to keep an eye on them, even the announcers aren’t sure what to expect or if some of their moves are legal! But, referee or not, whoever loses gets strapped into the stocks and tickled by the winner! Don’t miss the premiere of this new, ongoing pro-wrestling/sports entertainment-style tickle series!

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