FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 20 Return of the Dragon!

Mysterious fighter, Dragon Lady Lee sneaks backstage, into the TWE lounge, looking for the championship belt! She happens upon Strict Mistress. When the sexy, blonde domme finds out what Dragon Lady is looking for, she challenges her. Unfortunately, the hot-tempered Asian hellion is too much for her and she soon finds herself in the stocks!

Dragon Lady now demands to know where the championship belt is, and now the only things standing between her and it are Strict Mistress’ helpless, nylon-clad feet! A single flick of the dragon lady’s fingernail reveals that the whereabouts of the belt may not remain a secret for long. Soon, Strict Mistress howls and cackles as her terribly ticklish tootsies are mercilessly attacked by skittering fingernails and the claw massager!

It’s toe-squirming, sole-scrunching, hysterical ordeal for Strict Mistress as bit by bit her precious little feet wear down her resolve! But, just who is Dragon Lady Lee? Is she really going to steal her way into being the TWE champion? Find out now!

Length: 13:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 20 Return of the Dragon!

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