FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 21 Dragon Lady Reigns Supreme!

Lucy Purr, Onyx and Krystal Kim and Vika star. Conniving opportunist, Dragon Lady Lee has stolen the TWE championship belt! Now, proclaiming herself to be champion, she issues a challenge to any ladies brave enough to dare step into the ring with her. New fighter, Goodbye Nurse accepts. The tall, blonde Russian is certain that she’s more than a match for the sexy, Asian martial artist, but she couldn’t be more wrong!

Dragon Lady Lee’s powerful kicks, punches and toe-stomps render the black-clad femme fatale nearly unable to fight, in no time! Even Goodbye Nurse’s secret cheat weapon can’t keep the dragon lady down, and worse yet, she has a special ability that renders any attempt to stinky foot or shoe smother her useless! Goodbye Nurse soon meets a ticklish de-feet as her big, size 9.5, pantyhosed tootsies dance and thrash about under Dragon Lady’s cruel fingernails!

But, even after winning, Dragon Lady makes Goodbye Nurse pay a laughter-laden price, until White Crane intervenes! Crane’s interference costs her as Dragon Lady literally knocks her out of her shoes! Tiger comes to the rescue to avenge her step-sister, thus beginning another match.

Tiger gives Dragon Lady a fight, but one costly mistake after another sees her end up with her ankle strapped to the top rope as wicked fingernails foot-tickle her into shrieking, cackling, toe-squirming hysterics! Crane intervenes again, bashing Dragon Lady’s toes with a mallet, which lights the fuse for what may be the wildest match we’ve done yet! But, who is Dragon Lady and what is the special ability that sets her apart from the rest of the TWE roster? Find out now, in our most epic episode, yet!

Length: 18:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 21 Dragon Lady Reigns Supreme!

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