FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 36 Stomp and Tickle!

THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Texas Tenderfoot tries to bully Strict Mistress backstage, before their match. However, the clever domme manages to get into the chaotic cowgirl’s head! When the match begins, Strict Mistress toys with Texas, making her make rookie mistakes and always making her pay for it with a toe stomp or a foot tickle!

Texas is much stronger than the mistress, but the mistress fights strategically, in an effort to keep the cowgirl psyched out! Time after time, she leads Texas into a toe-stomping trick or a foot-tickling fake out that leaves her hopping around the ring or howling with helpless laughter! The cowgirl’s plight is so hilariously ridiculous that even Dacey the referee can’t help but get in on the joke and chide Texas, every time she ends up playing into Strict Mistress’s hands!

Can Texas Tenderfoot’s brute strength overcome the with and guile of Strict Mistress or is she doomed to suffer a toe-tally ticklish de-feet? Find out now

Duration: 26:03.762
Size: 1 319,368 Mb

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