FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Tickled For Foot Worship! Pt 1 Foot Worship No Way!

Indica and Courtney Cummings have been booked for a shoot. The director wants them to do a foot worship video, but the two ladies think the idea of licking each other’s feet is gross, so it’s a no-go. They do agree to do a foot-tickling video, however, which gives the director an idea.

Indica and Courtney are strapped into the stocks and the tickling begins! The two of them buck and squirm in toe-tal tickled hysterics, unaware that they’ve played into the director’s hands! As ticklish as these two are, he intends to tickle them into agreeing to do a foot worship video!

Fingernails, feathers, the electric toothbrush and other tickle tools keep Indica and Courtney’s soles squirming and toes twitching as they howl and shriek with laughter! Maybe sucking on each other’s feet might be easier than having to endure this foot-tickling ordeal … especially since the director doesn’t seem to want to stop! Will they give in? Find out now!

Duration: 13:37.650
Size: 662,024 Mb

Download – Tickled For Foot Worship! Pt 1 Foot Worship No Way!

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