FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Ticklish Breach of Ethics! Pt 1

Reagan Lush is recruiting Inna for a foot modeling gig, but she neglects to tell the sexy, Russian model about one aspect of the job. The unethical agent has Inna strapped into a chair and leather restraints. Inna is wondering what’s going on, as Reagan removes her shoes! Then, she realizes, too late … that the job requires tickling!

Inna goes berserk with laughter! She cackles away, in a foot-flailing fit, as Reagan has her way with Inna’s tender soles and toes! Inna thrashes and squirms wildly, while Reagan thoroughly enjoys herself, assuring Inna, all the while that this is a good thing.

Even the lightest, smallest of feathers wreaks ticklish havoc on Inna’s frantically flailing feet, as tears fill her eyes and laughter fills the room! Thankfully, the sound of Inna’s hysterical howling reaches FTKL’s ears. He comes in, wondering what’s going on, as he hasn’t received any paperwork on Inna! Looks like Reagan got a little ahead of herself and tied up and tickled a model, without consent! What will the penalty be, for such misconduct? To be continued!

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