GlobalTicklingStudio – Student Sara’s Tickle Revenge on Mature Hottie Francia’s Upper Body!

After student Sara was devastated by Francia’s merciless upper body tickling in the last video, of course there had to be a revenge clip. This is Francia’s very first upper body tickling, and so a totally new experience for the mature hottie. Sara is VERY motivated in this one to repay the cruel tickling she received, and she delivers it with no small amount of joy and energy. Sara gently explores Francia’s pits and belly and is rewarded with wonderful loud laughs and begging from Francia, who it turns out is very ticklish on her belly and underarms. Sara bounds back and forth between Francia’s sides, belly and underarms, keeping Francia guessing the whole time, while keeping a constant flow of laughter coming from her bound victim. A great highlight is when Sara applies the lotion in a fun pattern up and down both of Francia’s arms, into her armpits and on her belly, before rubbing and tickling the lotion into Francia’s sensitive spots, causing Francia to shake her head back and forth, begging and laughing knowing that things are only going to get worse for her over the course of the rest of the video. Super fun upper body tickling and an excellent revenge from Sara!

Length: 8:06
Resolution: 1494×840

Download – Student Sara’s Tickle Revenge on Mature Hottie Francia’s Upper Body!

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