HoustonFootFetish – Ama Rio’s Armpit Ambush

HoustonFootFetish - Ama Rio's Armpit AmbushHoustonFootFetish VIP Clips HoustonFootFetish - Ama Rio's Armpit AmbushHoustonFootFetish VIP Clips

The beautiful Ama Rio is tied by her ankles and wrists while sitting on a couch when she is immediately tickled all over. The focus is on her armpits, upper body, ribs, and stomach. This is a front POV view of the action with lots of insanely loud laughter and struggling from the petite brunette. At a couple of points her reactions are so extreme that she nearly kicks the couch backwards on the LER which was very surprising giving her relatively small size and petite frame. She has very explosive and animated responses when her extra sensitive areas are tickled as she erupts in laughter and jerks & spasms around to try and get free. The fun really starts when tickle tools are brought in to further tickle torment her which amplify the degree of upper body tickling to the next level! She struggles and screams so much that by the end she nearly escapes her rope restraints as she was bound and tied up from the very beginning of this clip!!!!

Length: 10:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio’s Armpit Ambush

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