HoustonFootFetish – Tied up and TENSING doesn’t help!!!!!

This is a fun foot tickling clip with Goddess Honey and Claire Black. This is their first time being tickled on camera together at once and trust me they do not fail to disappoint! They definitely bring the laughs, good lucks, charm and wit along with positive vibes to the forefront & it shows. They are both very ticklish despite what they initially say at the beginning of the video when asked to quantify it on a scale from “1 to 10”. Their loud and intense laughter throughout the remainder of the video clearly says otherwise. As per usual a variety of different tickling gadgets and tools are used in addition to the old-fashioned way with bare hands of course. Their laughter is very addicting as well as adorably cute as they are tied up and unable to escape or hide from the tickling torment. Honey offers Claire a bit of advice about tensing up her feet when the back scratcher tool is applied to her feet. Unfortunately, for Claire, this advice is not helpful as she is too terribly ticklish on the bottom of her delicate meaty soles for it to matter much as she still erupts with massive laughter with relatively little to no ease. They are taken all the way to their absolute foot tickling limit before the tickle blitz stops and they are allowed a breather before the clip finally ends and they are untied. After a great and fun tickling experience like this hopefully another exclusive tickling clip with these two ladies can happen again in the future, but until then feel free to enjoy this instant classic!!!

Length: 13:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tied up and TENSING doesn’t help!!!!!

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