HoustonFootFetish – Vika Tickled Topless (Fixed Cam)

Vika is having her daily early morning skinny dip routine as per usual. She likes to come out in a robe and then slowly strip down naked before doing her early morning stretches in her private pool located inside her backyard. She swims forward getting ready to start off but then she notices her good friend who enjoys tickling her bare feet is already there waiting on her. She calls him out on this and makes it very clear and apparent that she just wants to stretch in peace this morning. Those plans of hers immediately go awry when the Ler starts to tickle her wet and naked size 9.5 tender soles anyway. Vika bursts out into uncontrollable laughter at this because her feet are ultra-ticklish, especially when they are already soaking wet from pool water. This tickling only gets more frequent and intense as Vika innocently tries to continue her morning stretching every time, she puts one of her poor feet up on the pool’s edge she is swiftly tickled relentlessly each time resulting in another loud bout of uncontrollable laughter! Each time she sweetly acts him to stop in a joking manner and wonders over and over is the Ler ever going to let her stretch and do her normal routine in peace without being tickled again & again. To her dismay, as she tries to put both feet up simultaneously and float, she is met with even more feet tickling that completely breaks her concentration. She grows even more annoyed and asks her friend/Ler if she lets him just get it all out of his system will he stop tickling her and leave her be. He cheekily agrees as she puts her foot up and tells him to go ahead and get it over with as she tries her best to keep her foot elevated and just take the intense tickling without pulling it away. The Ler goes to town tickling her as she surprisingly has high tolerance, she thinks this is the last of the tickling even though she is erupting with laughter as he does so. Unfortunately to her surprise, once this is done as soon as she puts both her feet back up the Ler still tickles her afterwards and she is absolutely distraught that he is still going to tickle her anyway even though he just promised that wouldn’t. The video ends after the Ler continues to tickle both her bare feet even when she begs and pleads with him to stop and just let her float there innocently in peace which he eventually does as he watches her sexy naked body just float there in exhaustion from being tickled so much!!!

Length: 13:16
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Vika Tickled Topless (Fixed Cam)

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