ItaliansTickling – Tickling by chance

ItaliansTickling - Tickling by chanceItaliansTickling VIP Clips ItaliansTickling - Tickling by chanceItaliansTickling VIP Clips

I was talking by phone with Letizia and i heard there was a lady by her side: i asked her who was listening to us and she replied me that her friend Cristina was wondering about the meaning of our call. This was the very first time Cristina came into Tickling and she asked why Letizia was part of that. It just happened by chance, i’ve never realized Cristina could be part of our session. We just set everithing up without explaining her what was next. Basically she tought she had to stand tickling without laughing but just after five minutes she couldn’t resist it: she started laughing so bad and get up set at the same time. I think she didn’t like it at all, from now on there won’t be anymore chances to have her back. Enjoy your clip!

Length: 14:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

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