JAGA’sJapaneseTickling – [MF] W_Upper body tickling hell_Karen and Yurina

Karen is a former underground idol, while Yurina is an experienced older step-sister figure.

It seems that Karen is claiming to take the punishment in place of Yurina, defending her.

It seems that Karen, despite trying to protect others by saying ‘I’ll be fine,’ was in a situation where she couldn’t afford to do so.

That’s because she was extremely sensitive to tickling.

and, in the end, both of them meet their fate.

Both of them seem to have awakened to something new.

Please pay attention to her twitching nose during the play.

Your satisfaction and enjoyment are our utmost priority.

Length: 10:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – [MF] W_Upper body tickling hell_Karen and Yurina

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