JamieDaniels – Ticklish Butts

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JamieDaniels - Ticklish ButtsJamieDaniels JamieDaniels - Ticklish ButtsJamieDaniels

Jamie found out about her teacher Dee and another student having butt tickling sessions. Jamie finds this ridiculously hilarious. She confronts both the student and Dee. Makes fun of them and forces Dee over her lap to have some tickling fun with Dee’s cute butt. She pulls Dee over lap, pulls up her skirt to reveal her cute butt, then uses her long nails to tickle her buns. Dee laughing and kicking about. Jamie then gets up to tease the student with her cute shapely butt, then Dee grabs Jamie and pulls her over her lap and does the same butt tickling to Jamie. Jamie is laughing hard as her butt is super ticklish too.

Duration: 10:32.098
Size: 519,638 Mb

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