JolieBerrie – Brief But Breathtaking Tickling Tease

In this clip, slave boy is tied down on the bench and I enjoy myself tickling some of my favorite ticklish parts, in particular his throat. It’s absolutely ridiculous how ticklish it is. You have a breathtaking view of my beautiful ass for quite some time in this video. Breathtaking for one, because my ass is perfect of course. Breathtaking secondly, because I tend to sit on his respiratory organs a lot making the tickling as unpleasant as possible for him. Even though it is a shorter clip, some of his reactions to the tickling are really desperate. So, don’t miss out on it. Jolie Berrie (German language)

Length: 11:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Brief But Breathtaking Tickling Tease

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