JolieBerrie – Hogtied Tickling Hell

Slave boy has been through a lot today, hence I decided to finish him off more sensually, with some good old tickling. As you know of course, since you have purchased all the tickling clips on my store like a good boy, he has endured a ton of cruel, mean, merciless, bondage tickling. But I have to say, this time it totally hit him differently. Maybe it is because he is so exhausted from all the other practices I put him through or it was just bad luck, but this is pure tickling suffering. You can see that he is not even bothering to struggle, lying there kind of paralyzed, enduring my horribly targeted and intense tickling attacks. He really just wants it to end, but you should know me better by now … – Lady Jolie Berrie (German language)

Length: 13:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hogtied Tickling Hell

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