JolieBerrie – Stretched Tickling Tease & Denial – part 3

If you have seen part I and II, you’re already aware of how exhausted and frustrated slave boy must be by now. Unfortunately for him I am nowhere close to being done with him. Actually, I am in a merciless mood today and I have no plans of making this easy for him. I am moving from vibrating to stroking, which makes it just so much worse for him. Then I combine both. Oh, poor boy. Denied, tickling, foot smother and back to edging again. It is way too much for him to handle. No fake desperation, authentic frustration. He wants to come so bad that he loses his composure in the end. His body is actually shivering and you can hear him authentically spluttering while he is begging me for permission. Gracious as I am, I grant him a permission window of five seconds and yet he disappoints me. He is not in laughing mood anymore, but I like to leave my slaves in joyful mood, so I finish him off with some post denial tickling. This is real. Jolie Berrie (German language)

Length: 9:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stretched Tickling Tease & Denial – part 3

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