LaPrincesasTickling – The Battle of the Best Ticklers – Marbe (Revenge)

LaPrincesasTickling - The Battle of the Best Ticklers - Marbe (Revenge)LaPrincesasTickling LaPrincesasTickling - The Battle of the Best Ticklers - Marbe (Revenge)LaPrincesasTickling

This is a superb 2 clip series with my two favorite foot ticklers of all times battling it out. Sweet P, also called Paola, is not new to this studio’s page, but Marbe is. More clips with Marbe soon be released in the future, but this one will be a great introduction.

Paola (22) and Marbe (21) are two best friends living near one another and they have been making foot tickling clips for me for a couple of years now. Both ladies have very similar styles when it comes to tickling feet and they both know each other very well. I texted both ladies on what I was I expecting they would do their friend and they we’re already all geared up in their minds in what to do anyways since they know how and where to go to get the best results.

For obvious reasons, I will not make any one wait for the revenge clip…why do you ask? You will have a visual of the answer by purchasing the clip, but here’s a quick description, you should be hooked up on the very first sentence.

Clips starts with Marbe in SILENT LAUGHTER mode for the first 25 seconds of the clip before a sound comes out of her mouth, which is a loud burst of laughs. This is an issue for Marbe and a revelation for us thru out the clip as she is on more then one occasion deprived from laughter by the super cruel Paola who’s absolutely ruthless in this clip. Marbe is a total mess and never in control during the entire 5 minutes.

Paola is giggling, grining and having way too much in tickle destroying a very very submissive Marbe, who found out the hard way what her friend could do to her.

Marbe’s faces say it all, she’s out of breath, desperate has no one ever been and her PERFECT super soft and slender size 6 feet are under tickle attack like never before which puts her in a powerless state of mind and Paola is her master of sensations.

This is the definition of a revenge clip, clearly a gem.

Duration: 5:01.520
Size: 190,059 Mb

Download – The Battle of the Best Ticklers – Marbe (Revenge)

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