LaylaBondageAddiction – Candy – Tickled by her husband

Lets find how ticklish Candy really is : for the first fifteen minute session she is tied with her feet in front with toeties. No gag. Her husband arrive with all the tools at disposal and he starst testing them on hes feet and asking her how effective it is. fingers and nails, featherm pinwheel and brushes give Candy soles and armpits no rest. Just before the end ask her if she’s ready for something even more intense.

When the scene resume we find Candy in an amazing nude hogtie with toes ties, blindfold, ballgag and feet alredy baby oiled. Louis tickle her only with the most effective tools he tested in the first part. Just before the end he takes the ballgag off her mouth and ask her how she feels after her first tickling session.

Length: 28:56
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Candy – Tickled by her husband

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