LaylaBondageAddiction – Mia – Tifa interrogated and tickled by Shinra

Tifa has been captured and is now in Shinra ogranization custody. One of the syndacate Tug is already menacing her as she is being bound on a small table. Gagged already. From how she looks at her Tifa understand that she is in the hands of a sadistic pervert. She just doesn’t stop looking at her feet. Till another thug, a male this time, comes in and reminds her to start with the interrogation. Tifa boots are removed leaving her in knee high socks. It seems the female thug is named Grace and is specialized in tickling! Grace passes her nails on Mia soles slowly enjoying every second of it. Tifa trying to stay calm hiding her true feeling. But her socks are promptly removed as Grace start mocking her. She is definitely liking what she sees. Tifa soles are delicious, so many wrinkles. This perverted woman is now heating Tifa feet using an hairdryer! Then the tickling begins! Her expertize with her nails make the tickling already very effective from the beginning. Grace whispering she has only just begun makes Tifa sweat cold trying to hide her soles from Grace fingers but is not possible, her legs locked in place. The male thug comes with a thin lace and start to tie Tifa big toes tightly together, they want her soles stuck in place, exposed. Now both of them are tickling Tifa, her face wet as they remove the tape from her mouth only to cleave gag her very tightly. They are all over her, for five then ten minutes mercilessly tickling her feet non stop. Tifa cannot stop struggling as her predicament becomes unbeareable. Now the male thug is hogtying Tifa on the table, arching her back to cause her pain and disconfort, he doesn’t care. The only thing he seems to care is to make sure the ropes aren’t choking her ankles cause he wants that her sole keeps feeling everything. Grace is back and does her tickling on Tifa oiled feet using a brush, the male thug has another of those, in this position Tifa realized they are trying to make her climax with the tickling she cannot allow them to humiliate her like that. She tries to stay calm, wait for the right moment, but is just impossible. They have her. Once they obtained what they wanted the male explain Grace that he want her help in frogtying Tifa on the floor so they can have a leg for each one to keep tickling. As soon as they think they have Tifa secured enough they leave her alone to pick up more tickling tools. This is her time Tifa think, she has to get out of the frogtie NOW, will she make it before they come back to tickle her even more? Does our heroine has enough stamina left to win against her bondage? time is tickling already!!!

Length: 50:44
Resolution: 3840×2160

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