LetsTickleArielsFeet – Back in Black!

LetsTickleArielsFeet - Back in Black!LetsTickleArielsFeet LetsTickleArielsFeet - Back in Black!LetsTickleArielsFeet

For Ariel’s first tickling clip in years, she wore her favorite socks, black with grey toes and heels. I tickled her briefly through them before tying her toes together. Then I tickled her soft white soles with my fingers, a brush and a feather. At one point the toe tie comes off and she begs for mercy, swearing she is sorry, but I raked her soles with that brush as she screamed with laughter anyway.

As a finale I straddled her ankles and tickled her spots until she spread her toes in a howling foot tickled orgasm.

Duration: 9:02.942
Size: 753,683 Mb

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