MellemFootFetish – Graphiti Urbex nightmare

These two young graphic artists love to explore abandoned places to exhibit their work. Thinking themselves safe and alone, they set up shop with music in this uninhabited old house. The music masks the ominous sound of footsteps approaching the room, which appears to be an old office. A man of impressive build catches them unawares and immobilizes them without difficulty. This man is twisted and unhealthy. He asks one of them to tickle her friend’s feet, if she doesn’t want to suffer the same fate. Armed with a riding crop, he corrects the two grapheuses, tying them up with cable ties and gagging them with their blindfolds. The man looks sadistic and takes an unhealthy pleasure in frightening these two women. He seems to be used to these practices, with a whole range of accessories and even oil to practice his vices. He even picks up an old hairbrush lying around on the dusty floor to tickle them harder. The first tickles her friend to avoid the tickling and whip snapping. But that’s never enough for him. She is regularly chastised for her incompetence, or simply for the man’s vice. Eventually, he leaves them tied up, reporting them to the police.

Length: 10:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Graphiti Urbex nightmare

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