NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Wrong House Tied-N-Tickled

NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty - Wrong House Tied-N-TickledNyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty - Wrong House Tied-N-TickledNyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty

Bad things always seem to happen to good people, and poor Nyxon, her car just broke down and her cell phone is …Whatever will she do? She’ll go get help of course! She’s in a nice neighborhood, nothing to fear here…or so she thought. She should have gone to any house other than mine, but I’m so glad she came and knocked on my door, things have been so boring around here lately… I open my door and there she stands, cold and asking to use my phone bc her’s is . OF COURSE I’ll let her use my phone, COME RIGHT IN!!! I point to where the phone is and off she goes, but doesn’t make it very far bc I bonked her on the head…opps..out like a light!! Here’s where my fun begins!! I strip her of one of her fancy shiny black boots, pull up her pant leg and discover she’s wearing a very nice patterned nylon dress sock, how interesting!!! Not many women these days wear such dressy socks, I like those! Then I remove her tops and pick her up and carry her upstairs. I tied her up in my attic, arms above her head and with a HUGE red ball in between her lips, muffling the sounds she will be making. When she comes to, she seems very unhappy. That part doesn’t matter so much to me since I’m not the one in such a vulnerable position HAHAHA So I proceed to tickle her upper body and she squirms and complains through her gag. So I ask her if she doesn’t like it, then maybe I should just smack her ass and pull her hair, how about that?!?! I tickle her nylon clad foot and then proceed to take her other boot off and then her pants. I put her up in a chair on her knees and I’m going to tickle her feet just like that…I’ve got some nice tickle tools, a hair brush and a tooth brush!!! But what I really want to know is, which foot is more ticklish? The one with the nylon sock, or a barefoot? So I take her sock off one of her feet, and tickle the hell out of both of them! What do you think her answer will be? Barefoot or nylon cover foot? Which is more ticklish?

Length: 9:18
Resolution: 640×480

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