Octopus – Anna – Full Body Therapy – It’s a Mix!

The battle between Anna and Cristina is not over. Like all the clips with Anna and Cristina, get ready for the interaction of two friends, screams, insults, sadism, revenge and in this case, prepare yourself for a unique surprise ending. Anna is immobilized on her knees with her arms outstretched, her shoes are going to be taken off, Full Body Therapy is about to begin. In this clip poor Anna will be brought to the limit of endurance “Pause! Stoop! Pauseeee! ”.

First part, 4 hands foot-tickling (6 min)

we start with a light sock-tickling that gets excellent results thanks to the long and sharp nails of Cristina, off the socks, Octopus holds the toes of Anna stretching the soles, allowing Cristina to scratch Anna’s feet well, her part more ticklish, getting screams and insults. The toes are fixed, toothbrush and milk shaker are used while Cristina continues with her nails, smiling with pleasure, covering the camera for a few seconds (sorry) getting loud screams from Anna. Lotion on one foot, oil on the other, massagers and pet glove will bring poor Anna to her limit.

Second part, 4 upper-tickling hands (4 min)

Octopus is a tickle store, nothing more, but sometimes some girls react unexpectedly, sometimes something unbelievable and unexpected happens: Anna moans, then laughs, then moans, is fought: The hands of Octopus tickle hips and armpits, Cristina he uses hands and flossers on his stomach and inner thigh holding Anna poised between pleasure and suffering: It’s a Mix! Cristina is pleased with Anna’s reaction and does everything to keep her in that condition. This is a unique clip, do not miss it, do not you believe it? Check preview!

Length: 10:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Anna – Full Body Therapy – It’s a Mix!

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