Perverstage – Gabrielle’s Hysteria (Custom)

Perverstage - Gabrielle's Hysteria (Custom)Perverstage VIP Clips Perverstage - Gabrielle's Hysteria (Custom)Perverstage VIP Clips

Gabrielle arrives exhausted from the Gym, she does not know but there are 2 intruders in her house, she is surprised as she goes to the fridge, now in a room tied to a chair she waits for her captors, what will they do with her?

Poor Gabrielle is tied with her arms up and her feet on the back of a chair, one of the captors tickles her armpits while the other takes off her sports shoes to enjoy her delicious aroma on her feet as well as sucking Gabrielle’s toes, screams and despair are useless, she remains blindfolded begging to be let go.

Duration: 16:34.127
Size: 447,616 Mb

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