Perverstage – Police Girl is Tickled until She Pees (Custom)

A couple of thieves enter to rob a house, one of them is an informant and reveals the robbery, agent Jane goes alone to neutralize the crime, but the informant is on the side of Jane or the Thief?

Jane is subdued by the thief together with the traitorous informant, she is attacked with tickles until she pees and loses consciousness, once she wakes up she is tied to a chair, one of the criminals begins to punished agent Jane by tickling her feet, but the tickling is not enough so they begin the martyrdom with a radio frequency wand, Jane despite being gagged with tape her screams are heard until she urinates again, at the end she is taken to a vehicle to continue tickling her on the road.

Length: 27:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Police Girl is Tickled until She Pees (Custom)

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