Perverstage – Slpover 3 (Custom)

A new meeting in pajamas, now it is Jane, Melissa, Katie and Kassandra, they will play jenga and the loser will be tickled by the other 3 players, the tickling tools will be selected by luck, a roulette wheel marks as tools to use feather, hands, pinwheel, electric toothbrush, babyoil and hairbrush, the rules are simple: While the players remove the jenga tiles, the others are allowed to distract them by tickling them, when they spin the roulette if a tool comes out repeated with another player, she will have to use her hands, if the spinner stops in the babyoil the player will have to spin the spinner again because she will have to supplement the oil with another tool, except the feather.

Who will bear the brunt?

Length: 41:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Slpover 3 (Custom)

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