Perverstage – Tickle Resistance

Gabrielle and Melissa put their resistance to tickling to the test, which will obviously be null because we already know how ticklish Gabrielle is, Melissa is not the most ticklish girl in the world but an expert person can get some laughs out of her.

The first to take the difficult step is Gabrielle, she is tied in the form of a stretched Rack, Melissa has no mercy from the beginning, she attacks her feet with the feathers so effective, well really everything is effective in Gabrielle to tickle her, Melissa will use a repertoire of instruments to tickle the feet, armpits, ribs, sides and thighs, there is no surprise Gabrielle’s desperate laughter that characterizes her so much does not stop.

It doesn’t end there, Gabrielle will take revenge, she has to be very creative with Melissa because she is not as vulnerable to tickling as Gabrielle is.

Come on Gabrielle you can be very cruel too!

Length: 35:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Resistance

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