RandomSoleEncounters – Breaking Bella – Bella’s Last Laugh

Bella could be the most popular model of all time from my store. Bella was an agency represented model who did some major commercial and print ads all across the world! She modeled for me for around a year before deciding to retire.

She’s stunning from head to toe and has amazing ticklish size 10 feet!

This is one of the last time I tickled Bella on camera. I made sure to really give it to her good! The thing about Bella is that she genuinely hated foot tickling videos. She really only was interested in foot modeling but I somehow always only had foot tickling vids for her to shoot (haha).

Bella is laying face down, soles up. This is a two-camera shoot, one close-up on her face and the other close-up on her amazing slender soles. I use a lot of creamy lotion on her soles to make them extra sensitive. I use fingers, an electric toothbrush and hair brush relentlessly on her tender soles. The hairbrush is the magic tool on Bella and drives her crazy.

Bella can’t handle the non-stop foot tickling, at one point she even says that she can’t do it anymore.

I decide to play a game with her. One thing Bella was uncomfortable with was “dirty fetish talk” in clips, she didn’t like to say things like “Do you like my feet?” or anything sexual. It flat out made her embarrassed and she refused to do it.

So, I tell her if she says “Please tickle my feet.” I would stop. You can see her hesitation to give in to this but she also wants the tickling to stop. So, she does it and I don’t stop! I make her say it over and over and she really hated me for this.

I tickle Bella to the point of exhaustion, when I stop she seems “out of it” and doesn’t even realize I’m finished! Totally in a tickle daze!

Length: 6:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Breaking Bella – Bella’s Last Laugh

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