RandomSoleEncounters – Dalvina’s Full Body Tickle Destruction!

Everyone’s favorite Queen is back again. Queen Dalvina loves to be in the Dom role, but I love to make her my submissive tickle toy!

I was feeling extra mean on the day we filmed this. She had no idea how intense I was going to get with her when I strapped her down. There is no talking from me in this clip, I’m all business and just want to make Dalvina laugh, scream, and beg.

This is a full-body tickling session for Dalvina. I made her very immobile, cuffed her wrists, and used cling film to hold her arms tight above her head and expose her lovely and very ticklish armpits. She won’t be able to get away or put her hands down and block the tickling.

For her feet, she’s locked in stocks and her toes are tied back tight. Her tiny, tender soles are very vulnerable.

After tickling Dalvina many times I know her spots and what gets her going. I use that knowledge to my advantage and Dalvina’s detriment.

The first half of the clip is foot tickling, Dalvina tries to talk to me but I’m not talking back, I’m all about making her laugh non-stop! I use all my tools, the brushes always drive her crazy. And I do drive her crazy! Laughing, bucking, screaming, trying to get free. There are moments where she even seems shocked at how ticklish she is! It’s enjoyable to watch.

The second half is all upper body tickling. Especially on her armpits which are so ticklish, even feathers send her into a hysterical laughing state! Her belly button is also extremely ticklish, she forgot that I knew this about her and even says she hasn’t had her belly button tickled in a long time.

If you like to see a beautiful, normally dominant woman reduced to a laughing mess then get this one!

Length: 14:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dalvina’s Full Body Tickle Destruction!

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