This is back from 2019 and is the one and only clip featuring my cousin Gia. At the time, Gia was 20. She is a really good tennis player in high school and now plays for a University. Gia’s face isn’t visible in the clip, there may be a few quick glimpses here and there but no direct shots. She’s not a fetish model and this is to protect her identity.

She takes very good care of herself and her feet. She has an entire nightly regimen where she gives herself a foot massage, rubs oils and lotions on them and then rests in really thick socks (she starts off wearing those socks in this clip).

One night, I set up an “escape challenge” for her. Gia is very competitive so I knew this type of challenge would be her thing. The rules were simple, she would be tied up and have 2 minutes (she wanted 5!) to try and break free. I would be able to distract her to prevent her from getting free. If she won, she gets $100! If she loses, she has to take a punishment of my choice….tickling of course.

I used tape to tie her wrists behind her back and ankles together and put a blindfold on her. She starts off the challenge in her pajamas and socks. She struggles a bit before I decide to distract her with some foot tickling. I knew Gia had ticklish feet but have never tickled them to this extent. Her feet are even ticklish through thick socks!

I get her socks off, Gia fights with me to try and stop me but she’s tied up so I’m able to strip them off. I then go to work on her feet as she desperately tries to get loose. Gia failed big time at the challenge!

The next portion is her punishment….

Gia is face down, soles up right in front of the camera. She’s still tied up! I tell her if she’s able to get free during her punishment she’ll get half the money. I get to tickle her soles non-stop now and she has to take it! I use fingers and a tooth brush on her feet (I didn’t have all my tools handy). Gia was never able to escape and has never been tickled like this and really can’t handle it, but she has to! A bet is a bet!

Length: 7:13
Resolution: 1920×1080


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