RandomSoleEncounters – Queen Dalvina Can’t Handle Nylon Foot Tickling!

This is an older clip that I never released featuring Queen Dalvina. This was her 1st time ever being tickled in nylons and it was an intense experience for her!

When I told her nylons can make feet more ticklish she didn’t believe me. Once I started with the tickling she changed her mind.

If you haven’t seen Dalvina tickled before you’re in for a treat. She has very ticklish feet and great reactions. Seeing her experience her 1st time in Nylons is pretty fun! I use fingers and different brushes…including the electric toothbrush which sends our poor Queen into hysterics.

Towards the end of the tickle session, I cut off the nylons on one foot and asked Dalvina to compare the ticklishness. Lucky for us it doesn’t seem to matter, nylon or bare, Dalvina is just too ticklish!

Length: 10:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Queen Dalvina Can’t Handle Nylon Foot Tickling!

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