RFStudioProduction – Aksinja tickles and licks Lisenok – Slobbery Christmas

At Christmas time, girlfriends are in a festive mood. Lisenok and Aksinja playfully undress each other and enjoy each other’s bodies, tickling each other’s naked bellies and caressing each other’s nipples. Aksinja had been away for a long time and Lisenok was glad to have her back.

Afterward, Lisenok decided to please her girlfriend with a delicious dessert, which she positioned right on her slender body. Its were candies in the form of mushrooms and fruits, as well as lettuce. Aksinja sensually ate all the delicious things from Lisenok’s body, and at the same time tickled her. She made her nipples wet with her tongue and licked her belly button. And then she bit her nipples and at the same time tickled Lisenok’s armpits, while she was laughing out loud.

Aksinja was biting Lisenok’s neck and she was ecstatic about it and moaned so hard that both girls were already sweating and getting excited. Lisenok was tied by her hands and legs to the table so that her belly was protruding a little. Aksinja made herself comfortable and tickled Lisenok’s body with her sharp fingernails. And then she drooled her friend’s belly button harder again.

Then Lisenok was lying on her stomach and Aksinja tickled her back. She tickled her using lips and tongue along Lisenok’s back and tickled the sensitive hollows of her armpits with her hands. Lisenok was laughing madly. And Aksinja once more drooled over her friend’s tender back and, toward the end, nibbled on her neck. It seemed that Lisenok was about to go mad with pleasure…

Length: 31:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Aksinja tickles and licks Lisenok – Slobbery Christmas

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