RFStudioProduction – Asya – Intense Tickling of a 19-Year-Old Cutie’s Bare Feet

This clip was thought to be lost to the sands of time until, by chance, it was rediscovered on an old hard drive. We decided to release it, according to the belief that it is a great pity for clips to remain unseen, as ‘the play’s the thing’ where the audience must be captured.

At the time of filming, Asya was 19 years old. In this clip, I tickle only her cute bare feet.

I recall Asya popped over to my place for a cup of tea and to discuss some matters related to clothing — she either wanted to borrow my jacket for a trip or something else. I proposed a barter: my jacket in exchange for a chance to tickle her bare soles, and she agreed. Thus, this clip was born.

I tied her up and secured her bare feet (as well as her hands and big toes) to the edge of the bed and began tickling. She was very sensitive in her feet, and I relished this. It wasn’t the first time I had tickled her, but it was the first time on camera. Initially, I tickled her gently, but gradually increased the intensity, enjoying her cute squeals and reactions.

Length: 13:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Asya – Intense Tickling of a 19-Year-Old Cutie’s Bare Feet

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