RFStudioProduction – Pandora drives Guzel crazy with pleasure from foot worship

Two friends, Pandora and Guzel , are lying on a bed and browsing an online store for socks. They discuss the socks, and Guzel wants to order them. Pandora gets turned on by the photos of the socks and has a strong desire to see what kind of socks Guzel is wearing right now.
Pandora approaches Guzel’s feet, takes off her sneakers, and then begins to examine and touch Guzel’s white socks with her long toenails.
It turns out that Guzel has very sensitive foot soles, and she flinches and moans at the touch of Pandora’s toenails on her soles. This fact intrigues Pandora, and she smells the socks on Guzel’s feet, as well as takes them off and starts playing with her bare feet.

Guzel is ecstatic from the pleasant sensations, she genuinely enjoys it when Pandora begins to lick her feet soles. Guzel’s delicate feet are under the control of Pandora’s tongue and lips. Seeing the reaction to her actions, Pandora becomes even more inspired and starts lavishly licking her friend’s feet.

In the second scene, Pandora continues passionately lick Guzel’s bare feet, but the girls are now in a different pose. Guzel lies on her stomach with her eyes blindfolded, and Pandora sits on her knees at the bare feet, savoring their pleasant taste and aroma. Enjoy!

Length: 16:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Pandora drives Guzel crazy with pleasure from foot worship

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