RFStudioProduction – Squinting from tickling – Hot Topless Lisenok in a Pink tracksuit

In a new clip, Lisenok returns in a tickling scenario where she is, as always, sexy and lovely. She’s dressed in a pink tracksuit with shorts and is tied to a massage table where I began to tickle her. I immediately lifted her top and began massaging her ticklish ribs, and Lisenok started to squint and laugh.

Now, I’ve oiled her up and delved my fingers into her armpits, then tickled her breasts and nipples area. I nibbled on her body, making her laugh even louder. She gave a coquettish smile while squinting and tried to hold back. And I placed her top in her teeth for her to hold onto.

Then I moved on to her feet and tender soles, tickling them with a metal rod and claws, then massaged them with a prickly roller, and nibbled on her toes. Then, Lisenok sat with her feet stretched out and her hands secured above.

I tickled her body and feet, and of course, slapped her feet with a rod. I embraced Lisenok from behind and tickled her sweaty armpits, I made her hold her top in her teeth again while I tickled her, and she laughed through clenched teeth.
In the end, I pulled the top over her face and tickled her again.

Length: 23:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Squinting from tickling – Hot Topless Lisenok in a Pink tracksuit

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