RomyFetish – Time for Payback – Part 2

This video is a custom request, feel free to contact us so we can fulfil your fantasies ! In today’s episode of Time for Payback, Master John has decided to put Romy in more restrictive bondage. He ties her up on the table, with straps on her body, cuffs on her hands, and her bare feet are secured with an ankle bracelet, holding her big toes back. He continues to interrogate the nasty Romy, by tickling her feet with oil and all sort of tools like the glove or the claws. At some point, he says that Romy wiggles her feet too much, so he go and grab a press, and put Romy’s feet inside, so she can’t move them. Her bare soles are exposed and vulnerable, so John heads for some more tickling in order to break her. Will she confess at the end ? Let’s find out !

Length: 21:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Time for Payback – Part 2

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