RussianGirlsInDistress – Tickling punishment for Ann

RussianGirlsInDistress - Tickling punishment for AnnRussianGirlsInDistress VIP Clips RussianGirlsInDistress - Tickling punishment for AnnRussianGirlsInDistress VIP Clips

Ann is sit on coach, with her collar, hands tied in her back. Yuno comes in, she says that today she want to her little asshole. Yuno shows Ann a buttplug. Ann begs but Yuno tell her that she doesn’t have the choice.

Yuno make Ann knee, face down and ass up. She takes down Ann’s jeans and panties, and start to tickle a little her asshole. Then, she insert Ann the buttplug. Yuno spanks a little Ann’s ass and order Ann to thank her for this anal treatment. Ann obeys and thank the mistress. Then, Yuno says that she has things to do so she will come back later. Yuno gets up and start leaving the room, but she has a feeling that Ann is going to do a mistake, so she pretends leaving the room, but she waits outside the door to hear if Ann will say something. And she was right, Ann thought Yuno has left so she says :

Ann : I hate this bitch, I am not her slave, I have to escape from here

Once Yuno hear this, she comes back in the room. She is very evil about everything she heard and take Ann for hard punishment.

Part 1: head/wrists in stocks

Yuno makes Ann kneel on the bench, and put wrists and head in the stocks.
And she ties her calves and ankles to the bench. Ann is pleasing and begging, Yuno spank her and ask her to stay quiet. Yuno takes off Ann’s boots and see that her socks are dirty. She isn’t happy, so she starts tickling Ann’s feet in socks with her nails.

Then, she take down one sock at half foot and tickle the bare part, then same on the other foot. Then Yuno takes off both socks, and tickle both feet. Yuno ask her to stay still and not move her feet, but Ann can’t manage to do it. Yuno is pissed off, so she decides to tie her 2 big toes, to restrain her from moving.

Since Ann hated being oiled with the paintbrush last time, Yuno decides to do it again, so she take the brush and oils Ann’s feet with the paintbrush. And when she oils one, she tickles the other one with her available hand. All along this stocks , Yuno ask Ann to thank her for being tickled.

She also decides to ballgag her and blindfold her because she is too loud.

Then, Yuno stops tickling, and asks Ann if she learned her lesson. Ann says yes, but Yuno isn’t ok, she says that she needs more punishment.

Part 2 : feet in stocks

Yuno unties Ann from the stocks, and put her feet now in the stocks, and tie her upperbody to the bench. And she brings Ann’s ass the closest she can from the edge of the bench. Yuno takes down to the knees her jeans and panties, and take off the buttplug.

Now she takes the electric toothbrush and spreads Ann’s asscrack. Then she starts tickling Ann’s asshole. She also uses her nails.

Then, she ties all Ann’s toes spread.

Then, she tickles Ann’s soles again with her nails, but quickly, she takes the electric toothbrush to her feet. She goes on every part of the feet, and she insists on the toes and between them.

To finish, Yuno unties Ann’s toes, and she her to wrinkle her soles at the maximum, and she doesn’t have to move. Yuno oils Ann feet and tickle her slowly in her wrinkles with her nails and Ann doesn’t have to move.

At the end, Yuno takes off the blindfold and ballgag, and tells Ann that she is her slave and she will always be. She have to obey, and be kind and submissive, and if she talk again bad about the mistress, it will be even worse.

Length: 34:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

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