RussianGirlsInFetish – You’re Psycho Tickling Pervert!

Sage told Dr. Alex that she was struggling with her mental health and that the way she had been dealing with it had not been successful . She felt that he was the last hope for her exhausted soul. Dr. Alex wanted to help her find a way to release all her suppressed emotions. Traditional methods had not seemed to work for Sage, but Dr. Alex had a unique approach that had shown promising results in the past . He smiled kindly and held a set of ropes in his hands. Sage hesitated, unsure about the unusual nature of the treatment , but her desperation to find relief outweighed her reservations. Dr. Alex explained the process and began to bind Sage’s arms and legs together. Little did she know that Dr. Alex was not only coming up with this therapy , but he was also lying about it completely . In truth, he was a pervert who craved to have Sage bound and tickled, so he had come up with a way to achieve that. As the session began, Dr. Alex started with light touches on Sage’s feet and then proceeded to more intense ones . A smile spreads across Sage’s face, and shy giggles fill the room as Dr. Alex approaches. The laughter becomes louder as his fingers tickle Sage’s ribs and armpits. It’s clear that his fingers alone aren’t enough to satisfy the need for more fun, so Dr. Alex grabs a makeup brush and an electric toothbrush to give Sage a full-body treatment .

Length: 19:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

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