SaharraHuxly – Huxly’s Best of Tickling 01 – TICKLING

This is a collection of the Amazon Queen's best tickling clips. In this you will find Pixie Von Bat from her Tortured & Tickled Pink, Alexa Ray & Pixie Von Bat in Trick or Torture Part 4, Bailey Paige in Huxly's Runaway Released Part 1, and April Hunter in Huxly Tortures April Hunter Part 2. This is a re-release of Huxly's Best of Tickling 01 at a reduced rate for Huxly's Best of Bonanza this weekend.

Tortured & Tickled Pink: Pixie Von Bat awakens to find herself bound to a leather massage table in a very odd room. She doesn't know where she's there. But she knows the large woman walking into the room right now. The sound of those large size 11 boots are all too familiar to Pixie. And considering the way she's tied up, she might just know why she's here now. He arms are over her head exposing her armpits, and her legs are strapped down with rope tied around her big toes. Holding her feet up and toes open to prevent her from wiggle her feet or scrunching her toes. Today, Saharra Huxly means to tickle torture Pixie Von Bat. Watch as she discovers all of Pixie's most sensitive of places, and then abuse them.

Trick Or Turture 4of7: LIttle Bunny (Alexa Ray) and the Demon Whore (Pixie Von Bat) are scared shitless after being captured, tied up, and beaten by demonically possessed Saharra Huxly. Oh if only she could take that cursed mask off, she probably wouldn't. Saharra has either worked out a deal with the demon living with in it, or she has all ready kicked his ass and taken his power. Either way, these two girls need to be afraid. Or do they? It seems like Saharra has flipped the script. She's gone from beatings to tickling. It's as if she sudden likes these two little sluts. They are confused now as to whether the Amazon likes them and will let them go, or hates them and will torture them to the end. Hang in there for the next clip to find out.

Huxly Runaway Released 1of2: Bailey Paige woke up in the bed Saharra Huxly had left her in. She had ran away from home and was found by Saharra in the woods. Now Saharra wants Bailey for her own personal pet. But Bailey is still not into the idea. She wakes and realizes Saharra is no where around. So she gets up and uses the first door she finds, hoping that it leads outside. The door opens onto a flight of stairs going down to Saharra's dungeon. Bailey is so distracted by what she finds that she doesn't notice Saharra has followed her down there. Saharra asks her what she's doing down here. She told her to stay in bed and rest. Bailey says she just wants to get out of there. Instead of letting her go, Saharra grabs her and drags her onto her lap. She then gives her a good spanking, turning her ass cheeks a nice shade of red. Then she stands up with her, holds her hands above her head with one hand and proceeds in tickling her. She squiggles and wiggles and tries so hard to get away, but she just can't break out from Saharra's hold. Saharra lifts & carries Bailey around while tickling and spanking her around the dungeon. Then she holds her in a forward doll hold and fingers Bailey while holding her in the air. Once she cums, she takes her back to the bed and tells her to rest. She'll be back for her later.

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1280×720,, 11546 kbps,  fps
Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 44100Hz, 64 kbps CBR, 2 channel(s)
Duration: 28:17.125
Size: 972,67 Mb

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